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How to Start the Conversation in English Mini Course - Add to Your Order

Learn the right words to start conversations in English. Gain the confidence to chat in work settings or daily life. Let's start talking and connecting more easily!
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How to Be Polite in English Mini Course - Add to Your Order

Boost your English with essential polite words, helpful examples, and tips on cultural do's and don'ts for work and beyond. Make every conversation count and feel more confident in professional situations. Let's make politeness your strength!
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Connected Communicator Online Course | Personal Coach Plan (Feedback)

Take a journey to fluency in this complete online course! Become fluent in English with real native video interviews and a study plan—lifetime access to lessons and feedback on 12 exercises.

What You'll Get:


It's so exciting to make connections with other members of your program and I can sense progress and improvement of speaking english every day. Best of all: It´s not work – its fun!” Anna Noth

"Every topic is unique and very deep so it stimulate my interests unlimitedly. We can learn deeply about America, and also we will be trained to talk about our countries with these topics." -Yumiko Yagi

"This is something completely different from every other resource to study ESL. The gap between what I was used to listening to in all my English classes and the real people in the US was always so big. You’re bringing up real people in their real lives and that makes a huge difference."- Ricardo Rodriguez

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